The Occupational Therapy Difference

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Therapy for your Real Life in your real world

Occupational Therapy IS the road less traveled for most people with complex pain and health conditions. With a focus on “being real” we are the healthcare professionals who work with you in the place you need us the most—real life.

At Brave Therapy, we provide most of our services outside a clinic or office setting, in your real world environments (home, work, school, recreation, shopping, etc.).

This makes all the difference!


The difference You gain:

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  1. The ability to learn and apply skills in your real life environments.

  2. More complete and individualized therapy recommendations based on real world practice and application.

  3. A therapist and “health coach” who is able to support you in achieving your goals and vision for your health in practical and meaningful ways.

  4. The option to include family members. co-workers, or friends in your therapy activities.

  5. The courage, skills, and resilience to be healthier, happier, and more engaged in the activities and roles you want and need to do.

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Science informed, Person-Centered treatment approach

As Occupational Therapists we study the science and train in the methods and approaches that are the most beneficial in helping you develop the skills you need to restore your body, rebuild your life, and renew your joy.

We also study the “science of you.” This means we are committed to exploring “you” in-depth with you—your story, experiences, thoughts, emotions, what’s meaningful to you, and how you respond and function in your real life.

As Occupational Therapists we are specially trained to address the “whole person, whole-life” aspects of your well-being. Known as bio-psycho-social aspects these include:

  • Physical functioning

  • Psychological/emotional factors

  • Social/Recreational/Work/Self-care factors and engagement

  • Cognitive factors

  • Sensory processing and self-regulation/modulation

  • Life Balance and re-engagement in meaningful activities

  • Adaptations, modifications, and equipment to support independence and achievement of personal goals

  • And more!!

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