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Restore Your Body

Rebuild Your Life

Renew Your Joy


Why Brave Therapy?

Because we are Brave. We Can Do Hard Things. and Courage is Contagious.

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courage (n.) - from Corage = "heart”

Meaning "valor, quality of mind which enables one to meet danger and trouble without fear."

Words for "heart" are also metaphors for inner strength.

Believe in Yourself. We believe in You.

Health Conditions and Specialized treatment methods

Specialized Therapy by Specialized Therapists

We specialize in helping people with a number of complex pain and health conditions. Our two therapists are highly skilled and trained with over 50 years of combined experience in healthcare.

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We use evidenced-based methods including:

  • Graded Motor Imagery

  • Rising Strong™ for Health

  • Sensory Processing

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The Occupational Therapy Difference

Therapy for Your Real Life in Your Real World

With a focus on “being real” we are the healthcare professionals who work with you in the places you need us the most— in real life.

At Brave Therapy, we provide most of our services outside a clinic or office setting, in your real world environments.

We are committed to providing you an individualized whole-person, whole-life approach.

Real therapy in real life for the real you!

This makes all the difference!

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Re-Imagine Your Health and Life

Your Vision Is Our Mission.

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Meet Linda

Pain Therapy and Complex Health Conditions Specialist

Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator

Story Seeker and Wearer of red shoes


Meet Denise

Pain Therapy and Complex Health Conditions Specialist

Cardiac and Pulmonary Therapy Specialist



Believe in yourself.

We believe in you.