Along with understanding, I’ve been given valuable tools to help me teach my brain and body to lower their threat level.  What I love most is the holistic approach to healing. The emotional and spiritual component provided by the Daring Way™ work has been very meaningful and helpful in my healing process.
— K. S.

"I was so glad I followed my physical therapist's recommendation to begin [Brave Therapy] to go along with my continued physical therapy. Before going, my condition had been improving greatly, but I was still experiencing unexplainable pain and a great deal of anxiety. The pain education [Brave Therapy] provides is invaluable. I thought my body was getting worse, so I was so relieved when I understood how the brain creates pain to protect the body, and if the brain thinks the threat level is high, it will send more pain even if the tissues are okay. Understanding what contributes to the brain’s perceived “threat level” helps me be calmer when I experience pain.

Since starting the program, the Graded Motor Imagery exercises have definitely helped. Explicit imagery has also helped me feel braver in returning to the activities that my condition makes difficult and painful.

It’s now evident to me how much I had needed shame resilience training in my life even before treating my condition. The Daring Way™ encourages bravery and understanding what holds you back from being brave. Investigating this side of myself has helped me understand many of the anxieties that contribute to my pain

[Brave Therapy] does wonderful work. It's hard work, but it’s worth all the effort."

Slowly, with Linda’s skillful, loving, and empathetic guidance, I am learning to accept myself - flaws and all - while reaping the benefit of less pain along the way.
— D. M.

"Linda Crawford has taken me on a wonderful and eye-opening journey for dealing with my multitude of chronic pain issues. Who knew that delving inside myself to deal with old thought patterns, emotional wounds, and a lifetime of shame would also help free me from years of physical pain?

I highly recommend Linda . . . her presence in my life has been a true God send!"